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MicronetIqTelecommunications is a top-tier provider of Internet services, recognized as a market leader throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. MicronetIQ provides global network coverage, enabling enterprises, mobile carriers, and broadcasters to connect to the largest global meet me rooms, and linking the major regional telecoms hubs around the world.


MicronetIq have a wealth of experience of providing mission critical infrastructure in Iraq. This includes services Oil & Gas, mobile operators, government and military installations. Our experience of the Iraqi market has been acquired from over 15 years of operations in a challenging political and volatile region.

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Online monitoring portals are provided to all our customers to monitor service performance and traffic utilization. Micronetiq thrives to provide the best customer service support and effective aftercare to meet the most stringent Service Level Agreements

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Multi Service

MicronetIQ is the leading multi service provider in Iraq offering SDH, Ethernet, IP, DIA and other infrastructure services. We provide communication and technology solutions to international business to ensure continuity.


Core Network

To be able to offer these services, MicronetIQ has built its own resilient core network in Iraq that utilizes multiple national and international routes and suppliers. All this to ensure quality and timely service to our clients.


Customizable Solutions

This purpose-built network allows MicronetIQ to offer fully customizable solutions to meet specific technical needs with the best possible custom integrated design and cost-effective business solutions.


Trusted Partner

As an MicronetIQ company licensed with the Ministry of Communications, MicronetIQ has the internal resources, capabilities and authorizations necessary to meet our customer’s requirements throughout Iraq.


Countries We Serve Worldwide

We provide local IT and managed services with our strong regional presence across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


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MicronetIQ  is a market-leading network operator, providing blended communications services to private and public organizations.

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As access to instant information becomes ever more mission critical, MicronetIQ are specialists in providing connectivity wherever you are. As telecommunication specialists we know how to connect you. Regardless of your required connectivity, we are confident that MicronetIQ will be able to provide a fit for purpose solution.

Oil and Gas

Our presence in oil producing cities, and our close proximities to the oil fields makes installation and maintenance fast and reliable. Moreover, our certified rigging teams comply with the strictest HSE standards. We enable essential contact between remote facilities and corporate headquarters which allows rotation crews to remain in contact with families back at home.


MicronetIQ has offers a portfolio of technologies, which allow government agencies to deliver secure and confidential information across throughout our network. We provide secure, on-demand connectivity supporting mission-critical operations to defense, intelligence and government organization.

Consumer Internet

With our high coverage area, we can provide reasonably priced internet packages for home users, with fast access to popular sites like YouTube and Facebook. We also provide access to our Media Sharing site, and access to more than 40 sports and entertainment TV channels. All this with interruption free 24/7, high quality access to streaming services such as Netflix.

Security and Defense

Deployed personnel and those who support them need flexible field communications solutions that can be easily tailored to changing mission profiles. Our SDH services are ideal for government and military application, as it provides secure and non-contended links between any location in Iraq and the rest of the world.


We can support any size business from a small business with one location to large business with multiple regional office.

As we provide robust Direct Internet Access, and Layer 2 service, we can connect all regional office to HQ for more efficient network management. This translates to a more efficient way of doing business where communications is a key factor to success.

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                MicronetIQ Telecommunications

WHAT WE OFFER Your Partner for Telecommunications Innovation

MicronetIQ was established in 2007 to provide information and communications technology (ICT) solutions Iraq-wide that are driving growth in the most exciting emerging market in the world.

MicronetIQ Telecommunications company offer a diverse portfolio of communication services, to enable companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service, also considered as a key element in teamwork, allowing employees to cooperate easily from wherever they are located.


We can help to maintain and modernize your communications infrastructure and provide 24/7 support to issues a business may face.


as a global company with offices covering different regions and cultural sensibilities, we support equal opportunity free from discrimination, in and outside of our workplaces. We encourage communication and co-operation to ensure the ethical treatment of all employees independent of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability or social background.


Company Vision

Our company vision incorporates corporate social responsibility at its core. We use it to inform decisions on how we run our business; from investing in and growing our resources, to our partnership programs and charity work.

Environment – we only partner with hardware providers who share the same core values as ourselves, dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact where possible.

Education –we believe in investing in our people through in-house and external education programs, encouraging employees to grow, learn and share; to foster innovation and the generation of ideas. We also work with local universities to encourage students to take an interest in technology and the subsequent career paths available.


International Telecommunications Partner Our mission is to provide and maintain the highest quality of Telecommunications service to our customers in order to make their lives simpler and easier to perform their jobs more efficiently.

DIA & TraDIA & Transit

Dedicate Internet Access With A Market Edge

Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access combines the reliability and familiarity of Ethernet access to your location with the ability to reach your customers, employees or anyone in the world via the world wide web. This service provides you with the ability to cost effectively connect your network to the Internet using a familiar technology. This is a scaleable solution that can quickly & easily expand to meet your company’s growing bandwidth requirements. 


Ethernet Technologies


Scalable Speeds

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Founded in 2007, MicronetIQ worked directly with the Minister of Communications at that time to develop a plan to transition the Ministries operating entity (Iraqi Telephone and Postal Company “ITPC”) from a state owned entity to a Public Private Partnership.

In September of 2009, MicronetIQ was licensed as an operator in Iraq.  In May of 2010 we successfully brought up the first cross-border telecommunications circuit and connected Iraq to the global internet via fiber 

Our great team is comprised of global experts and innovators all coming together to provide the best customer experience 

We’ll help you test bold new ideas while insuring you business continuity and uninterrupted operation. 

We Build Innovation,

So You Can Design The Future

We understand the local, geographical and often political challenges associated with delivering consistent, high quality services. MicronetIQ also understands that the end user experience is a vital lifeline to those using the MicronetIQ network, and that it is greatly relied on for welfare, administration and entertainment purposes. MicronetIQ has its main Networks Operation Centre (NOC) in Baghdad with failover locations in Basra and Erbil. From these locations our NOC and CoreTech teams are committed to resolving all technical matters in a timely manner as well as keeping all clients updated on outage resolution. In the event of an outage MicronetIQprioritises the necessity to keep its customers updated and where possible services are diverted to a protected route for service continuation. Protection is provided via both microwave links and traffic switching to another international gateway.